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What Does Your Nail Polish Colour Say About You?

nail salon Aurora OntarioSPRING HAS SPRUNG!!! Off come the gloves and boots and it’s time to show off our fingers and toes. There are so many nail polish colours to choose from. Here at A Perfect Pinky we have a rainbow of colours to choose from. Did you know your nail polish colour can say a lot about your personality?  Below are some ideas about colour choice and what they say about you!

Sometimes we consider what season it is; where we are going and what we are wearing but colour also unconsciously affects our minds; it’s an innate reaction. Just one glance can give visual stimulation and affect our mood. Whether it is pink, red or blue, each colour can trigger an emotional reaction.  For example the colour red will increase your heart rate because it’s very stimulating.

So, what is your nail polish choice saying about YOU?!!!

Fire Red

  • Your mood is sexy and energetic
  • You have confidence
  • You love attention
  • Red polish indicates passion and power

Pale Pink

  • You don’t want to stand out and prefer not to lead
  • You are feeling calm and quiet
  • You want to look neat and tidy
  • You enjoy having fun
  • You are romantic


  • You can be rebellious
  • You are against the norm
  • You have a strong sexuality
  • You are sexy and mysterious

Fuchsia/Hot Pink

  • You are spicy, flirty and energetic
  • You are a classic female
  • Pink is the only colour that is clearly associated with women


  • You are lively and full of energy
  • You like attention and are not afraid of drawing it to you
  • This colour signifies the fall… a time of brightness

Chocolate Brown/Mocha

  • You are practical and spirited
  • This colour indicates confidence and authority
  • Shows that you are productive and powerful
  • You have a peaceful side to your personality

Maroon and Light Blue

  • You are sincere and sophisticated
  • You invite respect
  • Shows authority


  • You are amusing and delightful
  • You are enjoying life
  • You are keen on new things

Lavender/Bold Purple

  • Colour of Royalty
  • You are a lover of nice things and appearances
  • Wealth means a lot to you
  • A deep dark purple yells out ‘I am drama’

French Manicure

  • You are classic and chic and don’t need a strong colour to prove it
  • You are professional and glamorous
  • French Manicure is an all-time classic

Did you know one in every two women change their nail colour every two days? How about you?

There are so many reasons why we choose the colours we do. They can influence how we feel. It’s amazing how much colour can say about a person. Colour motivates us more than we think. It’s a new season!!!! Try a new colour and have fun with it. Discover a new part of you…you may like it!!  We look forward to helping you choose your next colour!

As always we welcome your feedback. You can connect with us via email or telephone, leave a comment right here on the site or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website.

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