4 Foot Problems and How to Treat Them

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It’s common knowledge that taking care of our feet is imperative to our overall health.  Our feet take us everywhere and they are a key component to the health of our skeletal system.  Taking good care of our feet, therefore, is immensely important.  When we neglect them, several things can arise that can create a multitude of trouble.  Here are 4 of the more common foot problems; their treatment and how to possibly avoid them.

1. Ingrown toenails

This happens when the nail curves down on the sides of the big toe.  Sometimes the nail curves so far down that it breaks the skin causing swelling, infection and sometimes discharge.  And oh the pain!  To avoid this malady, make sure your toenails are cut straight across and not rounded.  Topical antibiotics can help alleviate the infection in an ingrown toenail if you do suffer from this and there are some natural remedies too, but in some cases surgical removal of the nail may be required.

2. Nail fungus

Sometimes nail fungus is caused by shared nail files or implements.  It is recognized by a yellow colour on the nail and a thickening of the nail that, when cut, is brittle and crumbly.  It is so important to make sure that your pedicurist practices proper hygienic procedures.  A single use nail file and clean equipment is a must!  Topical cream or oral medication can be used to treat this problem.

3. Athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is a fungus that is recognized by scaly, flaky skin in the bottom of your foot and between your toes.  These areas will be inflamed and very sore.  This malady can be avoided by always wearing dry socks and shoes and making sure your foot is dried properly from showering, swimming, etc.  Avoid walking barefoot too!  There are many over-the-counter powders, creams and sprays that can be used to help this problem.  In severe cases, there is an oral medication that can be taken.

4. Bunions

Bunions can be a very painful foot problem. Unfortunately they can also be hereditary.  And, ladies, wearing high heels everyday doesn’t help.  Bunions are recognized by having an inflamed area on the side of your foot, near the big toe, where the joint looks and feels enlarged.  Usually the toe begins to curve inward as well.  If you notice this change in your foot early enough, there are splints that can be worn overnight to help straighten the toe.  In extreme cases, there is an operation where the bone is shaved down to realign the toe.

Hopefully none of these foot problems will trouble you in your lifetime.  The most important things to remember are:

  • Wear properly fitted shoes at all times
  • Have a proper pedicure once a month at a salon that practices government regulated hygienic procedures.

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