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Does the Salon/Spa you Frequent Display a Health Certificate?

It is that time again that the Ministry of Health is doing their visits to all the beauty salons to do their inspections. These inspections ensure that the salon you are going to is following all of the ministry standards in regards to health and safety. Does the salon you are going to have a current health certificate visibly hanging up in the salon? All salons should be inspected. This includes businesses within businesses as well as home based salons. A Perfect Pinky was very pleased receive another A+ on our inspection!

If you are going to a salon/spa for the first time and cannot see the inspection slip you should ask see it. The public needs to be more pro-active in making sure the salon that they are going to is following the ministry of health standards. Clients should not be afraid to ask what the disinfection process is and what is used to disinfect. These standards change regularly and that is why the inspection is so important on a yearly basis.

While you are in the salon/spa you need to sit back and watch to make sure that the esthetician is taking care and using proper disinfecting procedures. Here are a few helpful hints:

The Manicure Station

  • Is the esthetician’s desk clean and tidy?
  • Is there disinfectant on the esthetician’s desk to disinfect tools?
  • Do you see the esthetician cleaning her tools between clients?
  • Is the esthetician using a nail file that is yours and only yours?
  • Are the esthetician’s tools being stored in a covered container?

The Pedicure Station

  • Are the pedicure tools clean?
  • If a blade is used make sure it is single use and that it is disposed of properly in a sharpie container
  • Are the pedicure tools being disinfected properly? Tools should be cleaned with soap and water and then immersed in 70% alcohol.
  • Is the basin being properly disinfected? Basins should be washed with soap and water and then cleaned with a bleach and water combination. The esthetician should know the proper % and the proper amount of time.
  • If the massage /jet chairs are being used the disinfecting process is very involved and can be quite timely. Please check the Ministry of Health web site or call to make sure the salon you are going to is disinfecting the massage basins properly.
  • Is the chair and area around the pedicure station being sprayed down and disinfected properly between clients.

Treatment Room

  • Is the basin being disinfected between clients.
  • If sponges are used, are they single use?
  • Any extraction tools should be single use only
  • Is the bedding being completely changed over between clients

Lastly…is the person that is performing your services a trained esthetician? It’s always good to make sure. For more information about salon health and safety you can visit the Ministry of Health web site by clicking here or by calling 1-800-361-5653.

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