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What the Location of Your Acne Can Tell You About Its Cause

Young woman squeezing an acne pimple in mirror

The causes of acne can be not only external but internal as well. There are many reasons why we may suffer from minor to major breakouts.  Your skin not only reflects what you are applying to your body, but what you are putting into it.  Many believe the location of your acne is an indication of what may be happening inside you.  Whether you’re under too much stress, not eating the right foods, or eating too much of a specific food, let’s take a look at the areas of the face and what your breakout might be saying about you!

  1. Forehead – Breakouts here may indicate that you are not drinking enough water or getting enough sleep.  Reduce your sugar intake and go for a walk to help reduce stress.  Also make sure your hair products are not irritating your skin close to your hairline.
  1. Temples – You may be eating too much unhealthy fat and processed food.  Try switching to avocado, fish and nuts which have more of the healthier fats and are better for you.  Make sure you are washing your face well with good products, especially in the summer when we tend to perspire more.
  1. Between the brows – Quit smoking! This may be the reason you are getting acne here.  You may also need to limit alcohol and indulgently “rich” late night snacks like cheese.
  1. Nose – Another reason to get out for a walk.  Acne on your nose may mean you need more fresh air.  It may also mean you are eating too much salt and red meat.
  1. Cheeks – Consuming less sugar may reduce acne on your cheeks.  Be sure to clean your cell phones with rubbing alcohol too to remove some of the residue left by your cheek and ear!  Also, make sure whatever laundry detergent you are washing your pillow cases with isn’t irritating your skin.
  1. Lips – Eating too much spicy and fried foods may be irritating your lips and causing your breakouts.  Try eating more fiber, especially vegetables and fruit.   You may also wish to change your lip balm since bacteria can accumulate on it.
  1. Chin and Jawline – For women, this is a biggie!  Acne is this area may indicate a hormonal imbalance.  You may wish to start drinking herbal tea.  Some teas, such as spearmint, have antioxidant and anti-fungal properties which aid in skin rejuvenation.

Everyone’s skin is unique and what may work for one person to keep their skin healthy, may not work for another.  These are just some starting points, proper research is up to you to determine the for sure causes of your acne!  Good hygiene, proper rest and exercise, a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water are the most beneficial for us all.  And of course, a positive attitude!   These key things not only aid in healthy skin, but also in a healthy lifestyle!

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