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Ready for New Year’s Eve? Perfect Pinky’s Top 3 Nail Services

Manicure Aurora

When you meet someone for the first time, they look at your face first and then your hands. How do your fingernails look? There are so many options today to have beautiful, healthy looking nails. The first thing you have to choose is the look you are after. Do you want your nails to look clean and manicured or glamorous? Usually this depends on what you are doing and where you are going. It’s almost New Year’s eve. Are your nails ready? Here are Perfect Pinky’s top 3 nail services: Read more

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What Your Nail Bed Shape & Finger Length Says About You!

nail salon AuroraMany of us wonder where we get some of our personal traits. Do I write like my dad? Do I have my mother’s laugh? Some traits we like while others we may not. Like it or not, it’s the combination of these characteristics that make us who we are. The same can be said for physical traits such as our eyes, chin or nose. But did you know that the length of our fingers and the shape of our nail bed speak volumes about our personality? Read more

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4 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Gift Certificate

10465306_sa copyAre you tired of trying to figure out the perfect gift for that special someone? A gift certificate may be the perfect answer to your problem. It’s an ‘anytime present’. Gift certificates offer a gift that is fun with freedom and flexibility. It is very important however, to do your research about a company before purchasing a gift card. Here are 4 important things to consider.

1. How long has the company been in business? This is very important. You want to purchase the gift certificate at a reputable business that is going to be around for a while. Read more

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Shellac – The Miracle Manicure

shellac manicure AuroraAre you tired of your polish chipping and peeling after only a few days??? So many women are. It’s very frustrating when you spend time and money to have a manicure and then after only a few short, the polish starts to chip and peel. Have you ever tried a shellac polish? We think it’s a miracle manicure!

Shellac polish has made life so much easier and much more convenient. Shellac is smudge proof nail colour that lasts. It brushes on like regular nail polish. The nail is prepped in the same manner as a classic manicure. One of the most convenient advantages is that it dries instantly after being cured under an ultra violet light. You can leave the salon right after your shellac polish is finished and it is completely dry. For this reason a lot of clients choose to put shellac polish on their acrylic nails as well. Read more