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Natural Remedies to Reduce the Appearance of Dark Spots

Young beautiful model holding facial cream and applying it on her healthy clean skin. Concept of anti aging cosmetic and treatment.

Natural remedies and beautiful skin are always in-style.  Especially with the holiday fashion season right around the corner, we want to look and feel our best.  For some, that means buying gifts for our loved ones, and dressing our homes for the holidays.  For others, it is going on a sun-filled adventure somewhere south. Oh how dreamy!

Regardless of where you’ll be, part of your everyday year-round skin care regimen should be caring for your skin. Proper skin care should protect you from UV rays from the sun’s rays, and can also lessen or even eliminate dreaded dark spots! Read more

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What the Location of Your Acne Can Tell You About Its Cause

Young woman squeezing an acne pimple in mirror

The causes of acne can be not only external but internal as well. There are many reasons why we may suffer from minor to major breakouts.  Your skin not only reflects what you are applying to your body, but what you are putting into it.  Many believe the location of your acne is an indication of what may be happening inside you.  Whether you’re under too much stress, not eating the right foods, or eating too much of a specific food, let’s take a look at the areas of the face and what your breakout might be saying about you! Read more


What Foods are Best for Your Skin

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Your skin is your largest organ and it’s constructed from the inside out so it is very important that we take care of it. Two of the most popular complaints about the skin that we hear about here at the salon are acne and wrinkles. Proper nutrition can help minimize and/or prevent both of these problems so one of the best things you can do is to start eating a healthy diet. Having a healthy diet will give your skin that healthy glow.  Here is a comprehensive list of what foods are best for our skin and their food sources. Read more

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3 Perfect Pinky Services that Include Massage – Massage Benefits

manicure pedicure facials Aurora

Massage is such a relaxing, beneficial part of many services that we provide here at A Perfect Pinky. We find that quite often the massage is our client’s favourite part! It’s a time to close your eyes and completely relax. Here are 3 services we provide that include a 10-20 minute massage as well as the massage benefits: Read more