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10 Home Remedy Ideas for Winter Dry Skin

Refreshing homemade sugar scrub with vegetable oil, chopped mint and essential mint oil

The cold weather has arrived and almost all of us are suffering from dry, cracked skin. Winter is by far the most critical time for dry hands and feet. It doesn’t seem to matter how much cream we put on it almost seems impossible to get the moisture back into our hands and feet that they need. Sometimes the chapped dry skin can even be extremely painful.  When you feel like you’ve tried every store-bought option, sometimes it’s best to go with a home remedy idea instead.

Here are 10 Home Remedy Ideas to help clear up and soothe your dry skin: Read more

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Ready for New Year’s Eve? Perfect Pinky’s Top 3 Nail Services

Manicure Aurora

When you meet someone for the first time, they look at your face first and then your hands. How do your fingernails look? There are so many options today to have beautiful, healthy looking nails. The first thing you have to choose is the look you are after. Do you want your nails to look clean and manicured or glamorous? Usually this depends on what you are doing and where you are going. It’s almost New Year’s eve. Are your nails ready? Here are Perfect Pinky’s top 3 nail services: Read more

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Does the Salon/Spa you Frequent Display a Health Certificate?

It is that time again that the Ministry of Health is doing their visits to all the beauty salons to do their inspections. These inspections ensure that the salon you are going to is following all of the ministry standards in regards to health and safety. Does the salon you are going to have a current health certificate visibly hanging up in the salon? All salons should be inspected. This includes businesses within businesses as well as home based salons. A Perfect Pinky was very pleased receive another A+ on our inspection!

If you are going to a salon/spa for the first time and cannot see the inspection slip you should ask see it. The public needs to be more pro-active in making sure the salon that they are going to is following the ministry of health standards. Clients should not be afraid to ask what the disinfection process is and what is used to disinfect. These standards change regularly and that is why the inspection is so important on a yearly basis. Read more


3 Fall Trends in Manicures

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Stay current in the chicest trends in manicured nails. From the red carpet to the runway there are so many choices for a most current look. New colours and techniques are here for the fall and winter.  Here are 3 fall trends in manicures to explore. Read more