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Does the Salon/Spa you Frequent Display a Health Certificate?

It is that time again that the Ministry of Health is doing their visits to all the beauty salons to do their inspections. These inspections ensure that the salon you are going to is following all of the ministry standards in regards to health and safety. Does the salon you are going to have a current health certificate visibly hanging up in the salon? All salons should be inspected. This includes businesses within businesses as well as home based salons. A Perfect Pinky was very pleased receive another A+ on our inspection!

If you are going to a salon/spa for the first time and cannot see the inspection slip you should ask see it. The public needs to be more pro-active in making sure the salon that they are going to is following the ministry of health standards. Clients should not be afraid to ask what the disinfection process is and what is used to disinfect. These standards change regularly and that is why the inspection is so important on a yearly basis. Read more

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8 Helpful Spa Tips Before Heading Out to a Beach Destination

beach vacationsGoing on a beach vacation? It’s always a good choice to get our services done before we go south so that we can hit the beach ready to go. Below are 3 things you may want to consider if having any aesthetic services done in another country as well as these 5 helpful tips to make your beach holiday an enjoyable one.

1. Pedicures

Pedicures are a must before slipping your feet into those fabulous sandals but make sure when you are receiving your pedicure before leaving on vacation, that you tell the aesthetician where you are going and what you will be doing. Sand is a natural exfoliate so the aesthetician should take caution when removing dead skin on the bottom of your feet. If too much skin is removed and you will be walking in the sand, it may make your feet very sensitive and dry. A little bit of callous should be left on the bottom of your feet to allow for that natural exfoliation to take place. The sand, sun and the salt water will really dry out the skin on your feet so make sure to moisturize daily and avoid dry discomfort. Read more

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4 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Gift Certificate

10465306_sa copyAre you tired of trying to figure out the perfect gift for that special someone? A gift certificate may be the perfect answer to your problem. It’s an ‘anytime present’. Gift certificates offer a gift that is fun with freedom and flexibility. It is very important however, to do your research about a company before purchasing a gift card. Here are 4 important things to consider.

1. How long has the company been in business? This is very important. You want to purchase the gift certificate at a reputable business that is going to be around for a while. Read more


How to Build a Better Brow

Beautiful young woman in cosmetic salon close upThe eyes are the “windows to the soul”. We see everything through them. Framing them with our eyebrows can enhance our natural beauty but shaping them can sometimes be challenging. While fashion sometimes dictates how we choose to look, in the case of eyebrows, it is more important to work with your natural shape. We can shape them in a thin line or wear them more natural. The important thing is making sure we follow a basic rule of thumb… The space between your eyebrows should never exceed the width of one eye. Follow these guidelines to build your perfect brow.

Using a tongue depressor follow these steps: Read more